Managing several medications on a daily basis is no easy task. Understanding what you are taking, why you use it and if it will interact with any over the counter medications can be stressful. Preston Medical Pharmacy offers a FREE Meds check Service to help with medication issues. In a short 20 to 30minute, one on one appointment with our Pharmacists, we can put your minds at ease and ensure your medications are working for you.  You are also welcome to bring your loved one or care giver to assist in the discussions surrounding your medication regime.  Appointments can be made at the pharmacy or if you are unable to get into the store, our friendly staff can come to your home.

Compliance packaging or blister packaging is an alternative way to dispense medication for patients who may require assistance with adherence, daily administration and to simplify multiple medications into an uncomplicated format. This service is at no extra charge to the patient and can be set up for anyone who wants to make taking their medication effortless. Refills are done and available for pickup or delivery automatically.

This Pharmacist managed anticoagulant program allows the patient to visit their local pharmacy in a comfortable setting to utilize point-of-care monitoring. Under the medical directive of your physician, we will book regular appointments around your schedule and follow up as needed without the wait at the labs. Based on your results, your dosage is adjusted immediately instead of the 2 or 3 day wait when using a regular laboratory service. We also sell home testing machines and strips so you can test your levels at home and then discuss the results with your doctor or our pharmacists.

At Preston Medical Pharmacy, all of our Pharmacists are Certified Diabetes Educators who will take the time to discuss all your Diabetes needs. Our goal is to support patients by helping them monitor their blood sugar, discuss healthy lifestyle choices and lessen risks associated with diabetes. Making an appointment is simple and we will work around your schedule. Caring for, and supporting our patients living with Diabetes by providing the proper tools is important to us. We are the only pharmacy in Cambridge that receives referrals from the Regional Diabetes Program. In addition, all of the pharmacists on staff are Certified Diabetes Educators.

Our Pharmacists understand that quitting smoking can be a challenge and a difficult decision. We want to make that plan to stop easy for you by offering encouragement and support. Together we will have one on one appointments, including 9 sessions, and devise a plan of action that will work best for each individual, and follow through with you as you quit. Tracking triggers, understanding why you are smoking, and teaching new behaviors along with medication will increase the chances that you will become a successful NON smoker. Let our Pharmacists help you make an achievable plan for smoking secession today.

If you are a diabetic, proper foot care is important to reduce the risk of ulcers and amputations. Call Preston Medical Pharmacy today to set up an appointment with the foot care nurse and Pharmacist.  We will help ensure your feet are properly cared for, and that your medications are optimized to prevent these complications. The cost of this service is $25.

If you are looking to come off a long term medication, or feel that you take too many medications, this is the program for you.  Book an appointment with one of our pharmacists.  We would be happy to help. This program is covered by the Ontario government, and is free of charge for people on 3 or more medications.

The Pharmacists on staff are trained to administer injections, so you can avoid booking or waiting for another appointment with your Physician. Ask us today about injectable medications such as Flu Shots, Prolia, Zostavax, Shingrex, Vaccinations, Vitamin B12 and more.

This service will assist patients not only with medication adherence but also with the functionality of not needing to visit your pharmacy regularly to order your medications. Our Pharmacists will sit down with you one on one to arrange this time saving service that is optimal for your health.

Living with chronic pain can be very difficult.  Visit our pharmacists to discuss your pain and medications.  We would be happy to provide suggestions to you and your physician that may improve your pain.

We offer many personalized Patient Care information sheets such as;

  • Fact Sheets about your new medication
  • Personalized wallet size cards listing the most recent medications, perfect for travel or to have on hand
  • Pamphlets and product information regarding health care and disease states
  • MedsCheck print outs prior to a Physician’s appointment or surgery
  • Income Tax Preparation summary page